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[welcome to my world (。◝‿◜。). oshi desu^^ yoroshiku onegaishimasu]
"same but different it's human"
♥東方神起とJYJ ♥ ジェジュン兄~
" いつかじかんが答えるので、もまっているよね"
this's my place for express what i like, mostly reblog but also post something. a FUJOSHI *i have tould u okay*
things that would u see on my blog is drama CD, talk CD, seiyuu related, YAOI *i have told u again*, otome game, BL game, anime, manga, and other that i like to share or reblog. love to have a chat with people in here~ so feel free to talk to me^^
a REJET fan^^
声優♥ ♥緑川光。♥鈴木達央。♥神谷浩史。♥立花慎之介。and many more~ ♥玉城 裕規

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